Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sony / PS3 - Successful innovation/ers?

Howard Stringer, the Welsh-born chief executive of the Japanese company, heralded the PS3 as the key to his strategy for reviving Sony's performance against its main rivals such as Microsoft and Apple.

Do I think the PS3 is the basis for even a successful product innovation, let alone a successful company transformation - NO!

My view on the basic formula for innovation success: be first, best, or different! Do you think the PS3 is anywhere close to being any of these in the next generation console wars? If these two articles from The Guardian are anything to go by (and I have read many more) then it is certainly not the case. They reflect accurately what has happened on the ground, pre and post launch here in Europe. I don't think it is much better across the pond.

Based on some innovation research that I have been exposed to over the years I thought I'd do an exercise pitting the PS3 work (and indeed Sony as a company) against what is generally understood to be best practice in terms of successfully innovating. Results below (without really pitting them against competitors at this stage):

Innovation 2.0 post - see table reference above!

Feedback much appreciated!

UPDATE: I may have jumped the gun there a little judging by latest reports following the European launch day disappointment. However, this report does only cover the UK and the game is far from over (if you'll excuse the pun). I'm still sticking with my original prognosis - let's see how things pan out in the long term...

UPDATE 2: It sees my prognostications may be vindicated after all (3 months after I first posted this). See these two articles which talk about Wii's fantastic success rate, at the expense of Sony's PS3...


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